EMPLOYMENT 10.30.2014

Job Websites Adapt to Changing Industry by Targeting Individuals, Special Groups

Employment sites have long been popular with China's employers, but now they are aiming at individuals and certain groups like senior employees

By staff reporter Nan Hao and intern reporter Liu Xiaojing
IFC 10.28.2014

Cai Jinyong: A Chinese Voice at the Top of IFC

The International Finance Corp. chief executive, now halfway into a four-year term, speaks with Caixin

By staff reporter Hu Shuli
CORRUPTION 10.24.2014

Rise and Fall of a Coal Boomtown in Shanxi Province

A mining boom briefly lifted Luliang from its hardscrabble history, but a collapse in prices and exposure of a graft network have brought the city full circle

By staff reporters Tian Yuan and Ouyang Yanqin and intern reporter Guo Qingyuan

Which Way for Smartphone Swipe and Pay?

Telecoms, device makers and China's bank card company are tangled in a fray over cashless cash register payments

By staff reporters Li Xiaoxiao and Zhang Yuzhe


PUBLIC HEALTH 10.30.2014

Organ Transplants Enter New Phase of Donations, Official Says

Huang Jiefu spoke out on problem in 2005 and says at conference that it was due to lack of voluntary donations

    MOBILE PAYMENT 10.30.2014

    Closer Look: So Apple and Alipay Are Getting Married? Not So Fast

    The two are making a show of getting hitched, but one expert says the display is more posturing than romance

      OVERSEAS INVESTMENT 10.30.2014

      Graphic: Rising Tide of Investment

      Investments from mainland China into a range of properties around the world have soared in recent years, a recent report shows

        STOCK MARKET 10.30.2014

        Closer Look: CSRC Should Review Its Approvals-Based IPO System

        Letting government agencies play a role in public listings has proven problematic, and the regulator should rethink the idea

          PUBLIC TRANSPORT 10.29.2014

          Advisory Body Votes to Raise Subway, Bus Fares in Capital

          Hearing arranged by Beijing's economic planner sees voters back raising ticket prices and make permanent a system for annual increases

            PROPERTY MARKET 10.29.2014

            Banks in More Cities Offer Better Mortgage Terms, Report Says

   says banks in 15 cities offered better rates on mortgages in October, up from nine in September

              IRON ORE 10.28.2014

              4 Chinese Ships Stuck in Mexico since May over Iron Ore Dispute

              Vessels were loaded just after crackdown on drug cartels' involvement in ore industry was started, and nearly 100 crew members stranded

                INTERNET FINANCE 10.28.2014

                Alibaba's New Financial Unit Recruits Well-Known Economist

                Professor Chen Long says he will join the e-commerce company's financial service business in November

                  P2P LENDING 10.28.2014

                  China Merchants 'Ready to Be Supervisor for P2P Lending Business'

                  Banks executive says it could hold money for the industry, which has been beset by theft scandals

                    STOCK MARKET 10.27.2014

                    Closer Look: Don't Give up on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Just Yet

                    The assumption is that the program known as Hu-Gang Tong has been delayed because of the protests, but there are signs the details are still being worked out

                      JUDICIAL SYSTEM 10.27.2014

                      Party Announces Plan to Create Circuit Courts as Part of Judicial Reform

                      Move to establish roaming courts could help cut interference by local officials, legal expert says

                        INTERNET 10.27.2014

                        Telecom Rivals 'Agree to Open Firm Offering Faster Net Services'

                        China Telecom, China Unicom and two private companies said to plan the new business, prompting investors to sell shares in the industry's leaders

                          • Hundreds of local residents in Hefei, Anhui Province, pour into streets to protest construction standards of underground parking lot

                            Underground Clamor
                          • Ceremony held for burial of more than 400 Chinese Korean War soldiers in Shenyang, Liaoning Province

                            Home Burial
                          • As subway fares in Beijing look set to increase, a look back at so-called "Two Kuai Era"

                          • Army commandos conduct security exercises outside Beijing ahead of major summit

                            APEC Prep
                          • Heavy rainfall in Hainan Province forces more than 4,000 people to evacuate

                            Hainan Floods
                          • Three brothers in Xi'an arrested for hijacking taxi to fund online gaming habit

                            Daylight Robbery

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