BAD LOAN 05.25.2016

Commercial Debt Dodgers Pressure China's Banks

Banks are trying to cope with a sharp rise in loan defaults tied to state and private companies that creatively sidestep debt obligations

By staff reporters Wu Hongyuran and Zhang Yuzhe
LAW 05.23.2016

Death of Young Man in Custody Raises Suspicion of Police Brutality

The murky incident has sparked a heated online debate on police violence and the lack of accountability

By staff reporters Shan Yuxiao, Wang Heyan, Zhou Qijun and intern reporter Luo Guoping
OIL 05.20.2016

Private Players Entering Oil Import Trade Flares Demand for Crude

Gov't attempts to break the state monopoly on crude has led to a flurry of purchases from independent refineries, overstretching facilities at the main storage hub in Qingdao

By staff reporters Bao Zhiming and Huang Kaixi
AUTO 05.19.2016

Internet Companies Rev Up Auto Sector Engines

Search engines and autos had little in common before Internet firms joined the driverless and e-car sectors

By staff reporter An Limin


INTERNET 05.24.2016

Baidu Shuts Online Literature Forums to Stamp Out Copyright Violations

Firm also opens new channel for users to report pirated material and promises to delete illicit content within 12 hours after verification

    GRAFT 05.24.2016

    Top Publisher Arrested on Bribery Charges, Prosecutors say

    The arrest comes three days after one of his business partners was found guilty of taking millions of yuan in bribes

      TRANSPORT 05.23.2016

      Chinese Consortium in Malaysia to Lobby for Multi-Billion Dollar Rail Project

      State-backed team is offering financing options that sources say give it an edge over main Japanese rival

        SPORTS 05.20.2016

        China Scores with Aston Villa Soccer Deal

        A private Chinese conglomerate is ready to rebuild the Aston Villa soccer club after paying 75 million pounds

          CENTRAL BANK 05.20.2016

          PBOC's Zhang Tao Tapped for IMF Nomination

          The central bank executive, who worked at IMF between 2011 and 2015, may succeed Zhu Min as a deputy managing director

            ASSET MANAGEMENT 05.20.2016

            Regulators Poised to Restrict Asset Management Niche

            Caixin has seen a government plan aimed at controlling investment funds' fast-growing asset management subsidiaries

              AVIATION 05.20.2016

              State Council to Open up Lower Altitude Air Space Further

              The step could help the fledgling general aviation industry that has been hampered by strict controls to take off, analysts say

                HEALTH CARE 05.19.2016

                Doctor Beaten to Death in Hunan by a Patient's Family

                The attack comes less than two weeks after a dentist was slain in Guangdong, as hospitals grapple with a wave of violence

                  LGBT 05.18.2016

                  LGBT Community Say Biggest Source of Pressure Comes from Family

                  Despite gains made in social acceptance, UN survey finds sexual minorities in China faced abuse from family members

                    ENERGY 05.18.2016

                    Government to Crack Down on Green Subsidy Fraud

                    Firms falsifying emissions data to qualify for subsidies would face severe penalties and suffer public exposure, authorities said

                      • An oil leak in the eastern province of Shandong contaminates wheat fields that were ready to be harvested

                        Spoiled Harvest
                      • Floods and landslides kill dozens in Sri Lanka, activists call for ban on using animals in commercial performances and a fire spreads across a forest park in Inner Mongolia

                        Week in Photos
                      • High treatment costs, insufficient insurance coverage and lack of awareness hinders patients' access to proper cancer treatments

                        Groping in the Dark
                      • A group of backpackers stumble on hundreds of Buddhist sculptures abandoned in a forest area in Foshan

                        Forgotten Art
                      • A pilot whale died two days after it was found on a beach in southern China's Hainan Province

                        Dashed Hopes
                      • A gay couple in the central province of Hunan defies a court ruling to tie the knot

                        Joined in Defiance
                      • A nursing home in Hangzhou trials a hi-tech way to care for the elderly

                        Novel Care

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