RAILWAYS 06.29.2016

China's Bullet Train Export Hopes Hit a Wall

Chinese rail companies apparently won't build a high-speed rail link in the United States as expected, signaling trouble for a go-abroad initiative

By staff reporters Lu Bingyang and Zhang Erchi, and correspondents Li Zengxin in San Jose, Takehiro Masutomo in Singapore, and Li Zhenyu in Las Vegas
HEALTH 06.28.2016

Toxin Fears Trigger School Running Track Furor

Nose bleeds at a Beijing school led to parent protests and a closer look at materials used to make synthetic running tracks at schools nationwide

By staff reporters Zhou Cheng, Zhao Han and intern reporters Zhou Hang, Jin Ying
CRIME 06.24.2016

Digging Up Death, Extortion in China's Mines

Officials say mine owners have been tricked and miners killed nationwide in connection with accidental death scheme

By Staff Reporter Wang Heyan and Intern Reporter Xiao Hui
SPORTS 06.24.2016

Chinese Euro Soccer Investors Going for Gold

With government support and President Xi Jinping's blessing, Chinese investors are pouring money into European soccer

By Hong Kong correspondents Yang Yanwen and Wang Duan


LEADERSHIP 06.29.2016

CIC Announces Appointment of Shanghai Vice Mayor as General Manager

Tu Guangshao, tapped to oversee the investment of China's foreign exchange reserves, had cut his teeth at the central bank

    START-UP 06.29.2016

    Start-up Allowing Users to Get Paid for Asking or Answering Questions Raises US$ 25 Million

    Investors include Wang Sicong, son of China's richest man, who earned hundreds of thousands of yuan with candid replies on personal matters, raising critics' eyebrows

      QIHOO 06.29.2016

      Forex Woes Force Qihoo to Extend Privatization Deadline

      Recent depreciation of China's currency and restrictions on moving money outside the country have slowed Qihoo's US$ 9.3 billion bid to delist from New York

        CURRENCY 06.29.2016

        Shanghai Cracks Down on Illegal Capital Flight

        The move by the Shanghai's foreign exchange regulator seeks to ease downward pressure on the yuan, now trading at 5-year lows on concerns about China's slowing economy

          RUSSIA 06.28.2016

          Closer Look: Putin's Latest State Visit Highlights Mutual Interests with China

          The Russian president's latest in a steady string of summits with Chinese President Xi Jinping reflects 2 decades of warming ties in the bilateral relationship

            VANKE 06.28.2016

            Shenzhen Bourse Queries Vanke's Hostile Suitors

            The stock exchange wants to know if Baoneng and China Resources are working together to thwart a white knight rescue of Vanke by Shenzhen's subway operator

              INTERNET FINANCING 06.27.2016

              PBOC's Zhou Calls for Curbing Online Finance

              The central bank chief, speaking at an International Monetary Fund forum, describes Internet financing, shadow banking links

                IDEOLOGUE 06.27.2016

                Senior Ideologue Kills Self over Party Infighting

                Zhu Tiezhi was reportedly depressed over growing discord within the Communist Party between reformists and conservatives nostalgic about rule under Mao Zedong

                  MERGER 06.27.2016

                  Two Top Chinese Steel Makers to Reorganize, May Merge

                  Concurrent announcements of reorganizations at Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel spark speculation of a merger, as China tries to consolidate the bloated sector

                    • The first made-in-China jetliner makes maiden commercial flight as country eyes entering growing market for passenger planes

                      Maiden Flight
                    • Severe weather accompanied by a tornado in the Jiangsu city of Yancheng cut a path of death and destruction

                      Deadly Twister
                    • Man throws homemade bomb at a busy Shanghai airport, injuring four

                      PHOTO OF THE DAY
                      Dirty Bomb
                    • A man wrongfully convicted of murder is pronounced innocent after 23 years, in the first ever case when the state prosecutor's office ordered the Supreme Court to have a retrial

                      A New Lease of Life
                    • Public health workers in Hong Kong remove culled hens and roosters from a wholesale poultry market on June 7. Authorities killed around 4,500 animals after bird feces tested positive for a deadly strain of the bird flu virus at another local market in May. The H7N9 virus was first found in animals and people in March 2013 on the mainland. The supply of live poultry within Hong Kong has been suspended since June 5 to prevent another outbreak. Ko Wing-man, secretary for food and health department, said trade would be resumed if test results from all samples collected at the 29 local chicken farms turned out to be negative

                      PHOTO OF THE DAY
                      Nasty Chicken
                    • A group of high school students, in the southwestern city of Chengdu, huddle together to boost their morale as they prepare to sit for the cutthroat national college entrance exam, known as gaokao, on June 7. They are also dressed in red, an auspicious color in China. More than 9.4 million students will take the test, which will determine which university they can attend. For the first time this year, any candidate caught cheating could face jail, the government said

                      PHOTO OF THE DAY
                      Gaokao Season
                    • Real Madrid lifts UEFA cup, hundreds of tigers removed from a controversial temple in Thailand and students in Shandong Province get a makeover on Children's day

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