TRANSPORT 07.30.2014

Beijing Subway Fares Set to Rise as Gov't Frets over Crowding, Subsidies

Experts say the move is necessary for safety and economic reasons, but it must be linked to reforms to operators and a more efficient bus network

By staff reporter Zhou Tian and intern reporters Zhao Han and Tian Peng
MACAO 07.30.2014

Snake Eyes and Scrutiny for Macao's Casinos

The city where mainlanders go to gamble is in the spotlight for the way casino thrills are financed

By Hong Kong correspondents Wang Duan and Dai Tian, staff reporter Zhang Yuzhe and intern reporter Yang Gang
GRAFT 07.29.2014

Central Committee Announces Inquiry into Ex-Security Boss Zhou Yongkang

Retired Zhou was a member of Politburo Standing Committee for five years and also led oil giant CNPC in the 1990s

Compiled by Caixin
CORRUPTION 07.24.2014

How the Hammer Falls as China Nails Corruption

Twenty months into a campaign against corrupt leaders, the crackdown is accelerating and the public is in the loop

By staff reporters Gao Yu and Wang Heyan


CORRUPTION 08.01.2014

Interactive Graphic: Zhou's Power Base

Former Politburo Standing Committee member Zhou Yongkang sat at the center of a sprawling network of subordinates, family members and business associates, many of whom have become the subject of inquiries themselves. Caixin has compiled an interactive guide to this web of corruption.

    OFFICIAL DATA 08.01.2014

    No Tech Barrier to Publishing Unemployment Rate, Statistics Official Says

    Cabinet will arrange schedule for releasing the figure, official says, after Li Keqiang indicates government will begin publishing the data

      CORRUPTION 08.01.2014

      CCTV Executive behind 'A Bite of China' Food Documentary Detained

      Investigation of CCTV-9's Liu Wen said to be linked to his purchase of programs made by outside producers

        HUKOU 07.31.2014

        Closer Look: Unifying the Hukou System Is a Start, but It's Just That

        Real progress in the residence registration system means reforms to the pension, education and health care systems so people across the country get the same benefits

          CORRUPTION 07.31.2014

          CDIC Merges Departments to Better Hunt Absconded Officials

          Party's anti-graft watchdog forms International Cooperation Bureau to find fugitives and recover stolen money

            CORRUPTION 07.31.2014

            Media Watch: After Long Wait, Media Floodgates Open on Zhou Yongkang Case

            For months, there were hints the former member of the party's top decision-making body was in trouble. Now domestic pundits try to divine what it all means

              RAILROADS 07.31.2014

              CRC Adapts to Changing Economy by Agreeing to Ship New Kinds of Cargo

              Operator of country's railroads was losing out to road shippers, but has opened new routes to cash in on growth of e-commerce

                TECHNOLOGY 07.30.2014

                Microsoft's Ties with Gov't on Rocks as Offices in Four Cities Raided

                Teams from commerce regulator seize documents and computers from offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu

                  CORRUPTION 07.30.2014

                  Closer Look: Ex-Politburo Members Accused of 'Serious Discipline Violations' Always Face Courts

                  Some are voicing concerns Zhou Yongkang will get off with light punishment from the party, but others in similar situations all went in front of a judge

                    CORRUPTION 07.29.2014

                    Well-Known Shanghai Businessman 'Faces Embezzlement Probe'

                    Prosecutors link accusations against Wang Songnan to his time at Shanghai Friendship Group and Shanghai Lianhua Supermarket Holding Co. in the 1990s

                      CORRUPTION 07.29.2014

                      Graphics: Zhou Yongkang's Tangled Path

                      Unweaving the complex network and overlapping interests of Zhou Yongkang's family and his associates

                        HOUSING 07.29.2014

                        First Two Cities to End All Home Purchase Curbs See Sales Increase

                        Hohhot sees rise of more than 40 percent in one 30-day period, while Jinan's increase was nearly 190 percent, new data show

                          • A look at the resources of one rural community in the wake of decentralized education policies

                            The children's hour
                          • The annual tradition of creating elaborate crop art in the Japanese village of Inakadate

                            Framing a Field
                          • Wall of sand descends on city of Phoenix in U.S. state of Arizona, cutting power for thousands of urban residents

                            Big Haboob
                          • The CPC Central Committee has initiated an investigation of former Politburo Standing Committee member and security chief Zhou Yongkang, according to Xinhua

                            Zhou Yongkang
                          • Massive swathes of farmland lost to drought in Henan Province and left part of the provincial capital with no tap water for days

                            Cracked Earth
                          • Suining residents attempt to beat blistering summer heat with trip to public swimming pool

                            Sea of People

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                          Twenty months into a campaign against corrupt leaders, the crackdown is accelerating and the public is in the loop
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