FILMMAKING 10.20.2014

Silver Screen Industry Strikes Investor Gold

Investors large and small are placing bets on China's film producers, changing the way movies are marketed and made

By staff reporter Qu Yunxu
CAR RENTAL 10.14.2014

Leading Auto Rental Firm Ready to Shift into Top Gear after Listing

China Auto Rental Holdings recently raised nearly HK$ 3.5 billion in its Hong Kong IPO, a sum it hopes to use to drive development

By staff reporter He Chunmei
HEALTH CARE 09.30.2014

Can Doctors Cut the Public Hospital Cord?

A prominent Shanghai doctor who quit his successful hospital position is leading a push to give physicians more freedom

By intern reporters Xiang Huilian and Tian Peng
SOE REFORM 09.25.2014

Gov't Again Tries Trimming the Fat by Slashing Pay of SOE Executives

Leaders of big state-backed firms face another pay cut, but this has been attempted before and may not be the best way to proceed with SOE reform, experts say

By staff reporter Zhang Yuzhe


POLITICS 10.20.2014

Graphics: The Fourth Plenum

A major meeting of the Communist Party will soon be held in the capital. Here is what you need to know about the event

    RAILROADS 10.20.2014

    China Nears Deal with Mexico to Export Bullet Trains for First Time

    Consortium involving four Chinese companies becomes sole bidder for project involving passenger trains and 210 kilometers of line

      EMPLOYMENT 10.17.2014

      Welder Sues Changan Ford, Saying Faulty Background Check Cost Him Job

      Employment discrimination case accepted by Hangzhou court is the first of its kind to appear in country's judicial system

        URBAN DEVELOPMENT 10.17.2014

        Graphics: Ghost Towns

        It's no secret many cities in China are haunted by too much building and not enough people. One Beijing newspaper devised an index to illustrate the problem is no phantom

          INTERNET 10.17.2014

          Top Court Clears Tencent of Anti-Virus Firm's Accusation It Enjoys Monopoly

          Supreme People's Court supports a provincial court's ruling involving Internet giant, ending case that started with 2010 dispute

            TECHNOLOGY 10.16.2014

            Chinese Companies Make Late Push to Join Wearable Device Industry

            Firms like Xiaomi and ZTE are joining foreign tech giants in making smart watches and other products, but see the data collected by the gadgets as the real gold mine

              IRON ORE 10.16.2014

              Huge Vale Ship Arrived in Qingdao with 300,000 Tons of Iron Ore

              Ship has more cargo than government allows, but speculation mounted that Brazilian miner could be allowed to unload directly for first time

                BOND 10.16.2014

                Top Economic Planner Tightens Rules on Issuing Enterprise Bonds

                NDRC said to raise bar for debt issued by government agencies or state-owned companies

                  LAND DISPUTE 10.15.2014

                  Eight Killed and 18 Injured in Riot in Kunming Suburb, Local Gov't Says

                  Official account has conflict involving construction workers and villagers, but locals say their attackers wore uniforms and used tear gas

                    HK PROTESTS 10.15.2014

                    University Lowers Hong Kong's GDP Forecast, Citing Protests as Factor

                    HKU trims growth prediction, but economist says demand from tourists and locals will not fall as much as during SARS outbreak of 2003

                      E-COMMERCE 10.15.2014

                      Alibaba Aims to Extend Its Reach into Country's Rural Areas

                      E-commerce company plans to open offices in counties and villages to support shipping and teach people how to shop online

                        BRANDS 10.14.2014

                        Graphic: Big Brands

                        A major consulting firm has released its ranking of the world's 100 most valuable brands, and China's sole entrant is Huawei

                          • Migrants injured in storming fence in Spain, police brutality protests in U.S. state of Missouri, iPhone 6 release in China

                            The Week in Photos
                          • Five billion yuan tourist project featuring outdoor lagoons in Dalian, Liaoning Province, opens to visitors

                            Venetian Extravagance
                          • Lack of construction debris regulations has led to a boom in mountains of waste around urban areas of China

                            Talkin' Trash
                          • Crowds in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, gather to snap up latest model of iPhone on its China-wide release

                            Good Call
                          • Passersby scramble to scoop up escaped crabs on streets of Changsha, Hunan Province

                            Crab Grab
                          • Construction crews dig into ancient past while building road in Loudi, Hunan Province

                            Road to Ruins

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