APPLIANCE 08.27.2014

Haier's New Look: 'Micro-Enterprise' Platform

China's biggest appliance manufacturer is trying a new business model that relies on subcontractors

By staff reporter He Chunmei and intern reporter Chen Lu
POLITICS 08.22.2014

Deng Xiaoping Gave Double Boost to Reform Efforts, Economist Says

Wu Jinglian of the Development Research Center argues the legendary leader put China on the path to progress in the early 1980s, then overcame divided public opinion years later to keep it there

By staff reporter Wang Shuo
CORRUPTION 08.21.2014

Zhou Yongkang's Early Years

The disgraced official grew up knowing what hard work was and saw his career blossom in the oil industry in Liaoning Province

By staff reporters Xie Haitao and Wang Heyan
CORRUPTION 08.21.2014

Zhou Yongkang Used Start in Oil Industry to Rise to Public Security Czar

Disgraced high official cut his teeth in the oil industry, built a power base in Sichuan Province and rose to become all-powerful head of nation's police

By staff reporters Yu Ning, He Xin, Huang Kaiqian and Ren Zhongyuan


E-CARS 09.01.2014

China Unicom Agrees to Host Tesla Rechargers at Its Branches

Telecoms giant and U.S. e-car maker also agree to build larger stations for drivers to replenish their cars' batteries in 20 cities

    CORRUPTION 09.01.2014

    Two Shanxi Officials with Troubled Pasts Now Graft Suspects Themselves

    One official had returned 20 million yuan amid property developer scandal and another saw a subordinate punished for taking 46 million yuan in bribes

      POLITICS 09.01.2014

      Agricultural Bank's Chairman Said to Take Party Post in Jilin

      Jiang Chaoliang also nominated to become governor, taking over for Bayanqolu, who becomes province's party boss

        SMARTPHONES 09.01.2014

        After Success at Home, Smartphone Maker Eyes Long-Distance Call

        Xiaomi's sales have soared in China, and now it is looking to expand in markets from Hong Kong to India

          FOOD SAFETY 08.29.2014

          Cyanide Found in Dog Meat Sold to Restaurants, Zhejiang Court Hears

          Group of 17 stand trial over business that saw the animals allegedly poisoned, stolen and butchered for public consumption

            INSURANCE 08.29.2014

            Insurance Firms Stop Online Sales, as Regulator Takes Long Look

            CIRC gave order to halt after finding Guohua, Zhujiang and Hongkang were misleading buyers, source close to watchdog says

              MOBILE INTERNET 08.28.2014

              Graphics: Going Mobile

              Some 527 million people in China are using the Net on mobile devices, a new report says, and apps for shopping and banking are among the most popular

                CORRUPTION 08.28.2014

                Regulator Reviews Shareholders in Bank Zhejiang Alibaba Proposed

                Alipay owner and its partner are one of two pairs in government pilot that have yet to submit materials for opening private bank

                  CORRUPTION 08.27.2014

                  Retired NDRC Pricing Official 'Detained at Beijing Airport'

                  Inquiry into Cao Changqing may be linked to a graft investigation going on at National Energy Administration

                    SOE REFORM 08.27.2014

                    37 Groups Said to Start Making Offers for Piece of Sinopec Sales Subsidiary

                    Oil giant will apparently whittle final list of outside investors down to 10 by the end of August

                      TELECOMS 08.27.2014

                      Baidu Disconnects from Its Plan to Join Gov't Telecoms Pilot

                      Search giant never partnered with a member of Big Three to resell phone service as part of mobile virtual network operator experiment

                        CORRUPTION 08.26.2014

                        Former Auditor at China Resources Group 'Detained by Police'

                        Investigation concerns whether Huang illegally obtained a state secret, a Beijing newspaper reports

                          • Editor-in-chief of Caixin Media Hu Shuli receives the Ramon Magsaysay Award for work in investigative journalism and media leadership

                            Magsaysay Award
                          • Former Japanese PM visits Shaolin Temple, giant panda triplets in Guangzhou and the Tomatina Festival in Valencia

                            The Week in Photos: Aug. 23 – 29
                          • With eating and exercise habits rapidly changing, many in China are increasingly facing fast-rising rates of obesity

                            The Waistland
                          • Heavy rains over Shijiazhuang railway station in Hebei Province transform building into waterscape

                            Weeping Ceiling
                          • 32-year-old freshman enrolls in Tsinghua University after 8th try at college entrance exam

                            Back to School
                          • Chinese navy in coastal city of Weihai stages memorial to mark 120th anniversary of the First Sino-Japanese War

                            War of Jiawu

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