CORRUPTION 10.24.2014

Rise and Fall of a Coal Boomtown in Shanxi Province

A mining boom briefly lifted Luliang from its hardscrabble history, but a collapse in prices and exposure of a graft network have brought the city full circle

By staff reporters Tian Yuan and Ouyang Yanqin and intern reporter Guo Qingyuan

Which Way for Smartphone Swipe and Pay?

Telecoms, device makers and China's bank card company are tangled in a fray over cashless cash register payments

By staff reporters Li Xiaoxiao and Zhang Yuzhe
MEDIA 10.23.2014

Media Executive Who Ignored Mobile Internet Takes His Leave

Sina Corp.'s Chen Tong had a hit with news website that gathers stories from around the Net, then ignored public's embrace of mobile devices and has stepped down

By staff reporter Qin Min
AUTO SALES 10.23.2014

Investors Kick Tires on Auction Websites for Second-Hand Cars

Sites like have gotten big backing lately on expectations that used cars will be strong sellers in the country's smaller cities and rural areas

By staff reporter Zhu Shiyun and Nan Hao


SOCIAL MEDIA 10.24.2014

Zuckerberg Impresses Tsinghua Students with His Chinese, Even Talks Tech

Facebook founder started a question-and-answer session in Putonghua and just kept going, delving into some heady topics. Here's a (lightly) edited version of what he said

    RULE OF LAW 10.24.2014

    Despite Ban, County Holds Convict Parade Days before Rule of Law Plenum

    Local officials in Hunan led event echoing tumult of Cultural Revolution just ahead of major Communist Party meeting on improving judiciary

      RAILROADS 10.23.2014

      Chinese Firms 'Want to Build Bullet Trains for California Project'

      CNR and CSR said to express interest in project that will build high-speed line from Los Angeles to San Francisco

        REAL ESTATE 10.23.2014

        Outspoken Real Estate Boss Says He Is Retiring

        Ren Zhiqiang says on weibo he will step down in November, ending trailblazing career that included becoming an Internet celebrity

          GOV'T DEBT 10.22.2014

          Ministry Said to Propose Local Gov'ts Issuing Bonds to Cover Debts

          Central government mulls adding up debt as of year's end, issuing bonds to cover it and shutting down financing vehicles

            E-COMMERCE 10.21.2014

            Alibaba Shopping Site Red-Faced after Number of Phone Orders Faked

            Tmall punishes seven executives because a programmer multiplied number of pre-orders for new smartphone by three

              CENTRAL BANK 10.21.2014

              PBOC Gives Banks 300 Bln Yuan Reason to Start Lending More

              Central bank wants to see more loans extended to farmers and small businesses, one source says

                SHALE GAS 10.21.2014

                CNPC Plans Spending to Hasten Shale Gas Production in Sichuan

                Oil giant will invest 13 billion yuan before the middle of next year to speed up extraction in the southwestern province

                  POLITICS 10.20.2014

                  Graphics: The Fourth Plenum

                  A major meeting of the Communist Party will soon be held in the capital. Here is what you need to know about the event

                    RAILROADS 10.20.2014

                    China Nears Deal with Mexico to Export Bullet Trains for First Time

                    Consortium involving four Chinese companies becomes sole bidder for project involving passenger trains and 210 kilometers of line

                      EMPLOYMENT 10.17.2014

                      Welder Sues Changan Ford, Saying Faulty Background Check Cost Him Job

                      Employment discrimination case accepted by Hangzhou court is the first of its kind to appear in country's judicial system

                        URBAN DEVELOPMENT 10.17.2014

                        Graphics: Ghost Towns

                        It's no secret many cities in China are haunted by too much building and not enough people. One Beijing newspaper devised an index to illustrate the problem is no phantom

                          • A look at the "Chinese dream" from the view of young expatriates on their sojourn in the city of light

                            Paris Expatriate
                          • Large courtyard-style compound stirs discussion on illegal construction in city of Zhengzhou

                            Loft Horizon
                          • Key meeting of Central Committee of the Communist Party covered rule of law discussions

                            Fourth Plenum
                          • Spacious courthouse in Henan Province shuttered for investigation into its construction

                            Luxury Complex
                          • Guangxi region police publicly parade arrested members of organized gang associated with violent crimes

                            Beyond Bars
                          • A 21-year-old villager from Guangdong Province receives male-to-female sex reassignment surgery

                            Poor and Transgender

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                          Farms and cars are contributing to rising levels of ammonia gas in the country, but the impact on air pollution is still hazy
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