ECONOMICS 12.22.2014

Officials, Media Should Listen to Economists, Nobel Winner Says

The 2014 winner of the Nobel Prize in economics says experts must be heeded and also discusses the state’s role in the market

By staff reporter Wang Liwei
ENVIRONMENT 12.19.2014

Coastal Sprawl and a Last Stand for Wetlands

Researchers say half of China's east coast wetlands have vanished since 1950 and urge more protection

By staff reporter Cui Zheng
TAX 12.18.2014

Burdens, Breaks and Tax Reform Debate

As China's economy slows, governments are grappling with fiscal deficits and calls for small business tax breaks

By staff reporter Xing Yun
E-COMMERCE 12.16.2014

Auto Dealers Adjust to Click-and-Drive Trend

Online retailing has made car buying easier and more efficient, but it's also cutting into dealership profits

By staff reporters Zhu Shiyun and Nan Hao


SMARTPHONES 12.22.2014

Xiaomi’s Latest Round of Fundraising Said to Net US$ 1 Billion

Backing from investors including Singapore's sovereign wealth fund value smartphone company at US$ 45 billion

    COURTS 12.22.2014

    Herbal Tea Maker Ordered to Pay 150 Mln Yuan over Trademark Row

    Guangdong court tells JDB Group to pay Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group over dispute involving popular drink in red can

      HEALTH CARE 12.22.2014

      Finding a Cure for an Ill Drug-Pricing System

      An overhaul of the pharmaceutical industry is in the works, but experts disagree over whether an approach that has been rife with problems can ever be healed

        CAIXIN SUMMIT 12.19.2014

        In Plans for Rural Exodus, Policymakers Must Factor in Inequality

        Experts at Caixin Summit say government's continued urbanization push must address access to social services and enforceable land rights

          CAIXIN SUMMIT 12.19.2014

          Experts at Caixin Summit Discuss Challenges Confronting Economic Growth

          Global economy needs a new order and rules for trade and investment, economist Wu Jinglian says

            EDUCATION 12.19.2014

            Gov't Fleshes Out Reform to Gaokao System

            Education ministry proceeds with plans to reduce importance of college entrance exam by having students take smaller tests during high school

              EDUCATION 12.18.2014

              Education Ministry Cuts Scope of Gaokao Bonus-Points Program

              Most high school students taking the national college entrance exam will no longer get extra credit for extracurricular activities

                NDRC 12.18.2014

                Two Former Officials in NDRC's Bond Bureau Said to Be Investigated

                Pair who worked in office handling issuance by SOEs became subjects of probe on December 16, sources say

                  LAW 12.17.2014

                  Britain's Justice Minister on Drawing a Line with Social Media

                  Lord Edward Faulks discusses issues involving cyber bullying and the differences between rule of law in Britain and China

                    MEDIA 12.17.2014

                    Net Videos Will Be Censored Just Like TV Shows, Regulator Says

                    Content providers will be accountable for online programs, Cai Fuchao says, and they should strive to produce more original content

                      CORRUPTION 12.17.2014

                      Another PLA Officer Said to Run Afoul of Anti-Graft Investigators

                      Senior colonel Ma Xiangdong, head of the PLA Nanjing Institute of Politics, detained in early December, sources say

                        XIAOMI INVESTMENT 12.16.2014

                        With Midea Stake, Xiaomi Sharpens its Edge in "Smart Home" Market

                        Xiaomi plans to put smart chip in every Midea appliance as part of cooperation, according to industry source

                          • U.S.-Cuba normalization of relations deal, soccer fan trial in Istanbul, Russian rouble plunge spurs shopping spree

                            The Week in Photos
                          • Four injured in blast which ripped through two-storey residential building

                            Qingdao Explosion
                          • Homeless patrons of a library in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, find shelter and plentiful information services

                            Home Library
                          • Speakers at the 2014 Annual Caixin Summit define how they see a "new normal" emerging under the slower expansion of the Chinese economy

                            Caixin Summit
                          • Private villa owners construct large underground wine cellar despite warnings by housing authorities on safety

                            Going Underground
                          • PLA soldiers perform cold-weather training under minus 30 degrees Celsius conditions in Heilongjiang Province

                            Cold Front

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