TRENDING 07.31.2015

China's Billion Dollar Question: Why Are Forex Figures Falling?

Foreign exchange reserves have fallen for four straight quarters, prompting experts to wonder where the funds are going

By staff reporter Huo Kan
ENERGY 07.30.2015

Hebei's Big Idea for Clean Coal Yields Few Results

One northern province had a grand plan for cleaning up its smoggy skies, but a consumer preference for ordinary coal means little has changed

By staff reporter Zhang Yan

Shandong's Pension Fund Tapping the SOE Well

In an experiment that could revamp China's social security system, one province's state-owned enterprises are being tapped to support retirees

By staff reporters Yu Hairong and Xing Yun
STOCK MARKET 07.28.2015

Villain or Hero for Stock Market Saga?

Dramatic stock market downturn has focused attention on a bailout led by China Securities Finance Corp.

By staff reporters Jiang Fei, Zhang Yuzhe, Yang Gang, Yue Yue, Zhang Yu and Wu Hongyuran


CORRUPTION 07.31.2015

General Who Led PLA Said to Be Expelled from Party

Guo Boxiong ran the daily affairs of the military for eight years and was once a colleague of Xi Jinping'

    AGRICULTURE 07.31.2015

    Surging Grain Imports Spurring Officials to Rethink Policies

    Cabinet mulling cutting subsidies paid to farmers or turning to large-scale farming to boost efficiency, party official says

      ELECTRONICS 07.30.2015

      Party Official Puts Charges TV Maker's Boss Broke Law Online

      Changhong chairman Zhao Yong caused his state-backed company large losses with improper dealings, cadre posted at company says in letter

        INTERNET 07.30.2015

        Proposed Law Gives Gov't Too Much Control of Internet, Experts Say

        Clauses of draft cybersecurity legislation criticized as vague, especially when it comes to when authorities can shut down Net access

          INTERNET 07.30.2015

          Views: Privacy Problem

          Internet privacy is becoming a concern of people in China, so Caixin talked to three people about how Net users should handle themselves in the digital age

            CIC 07.29.2015

            CIC Launches Subsidiary to Invest in Overseas Projects

            The new CIC Capital Corp. will focus on infrastructure, agricultural, forestry and fishery projects abroad, parent says

              E-COMMERCE 07.29.2015

              Alibaba Lets Travelers Make Duty-Free Purchases Online

              Travelers choose goods online before flying to South Korea or Thailand, then get their purchases by showing shop clerks text messages confirming payment

                ENVIRONMENT 07.28.2015

                Qingdao Court Agrees to Hear NGO's Lawsuit over Oil Spill

                Group wants CNOOC and ConocoPhillips Co. to clean up area of Bohai Bay affected by leak in 2011

                  TRANSPORT 07.28.2015

                  Shanghai Said to Be Close to Unveiling Pilot Rules for Car-Hire Apps

                  Plan worked out with Didi-Kuaidi company would embrace business model firms are already using, person close to matter says

                    STOCK MARKET 07.27.2015

                    Investor Angry at Gov't Role in Stock Market Rout in Apparent Suicide (updated)

                    Liu Qiang suffered from depression and was angry about government intervention in crash, say people who knew him

                      • The modern life of a warrior monk at an ancient temple in the northeastern province of Jilin

                        Spiritual Battle
                      • Work begins in Yunnan Province on the construction of Asia's longest bridge in a mountainous region

                        Mountain Highway
                      • About 3,500 people attend a class to prepare for a national examination for postgraduate studies

                        Testing Times
                      • Construction workers erect what state media says will be the biggest radio telescope in the world

                        Listening In
                      • Rescuers search for people who may be trapped under rubble after a building collapsed in the eastern city of Hangzhou on July 27

                        Reduced to Rubble
                      • Cuban embassy reopens in the U.S., firefighters tackle bus blaze in the region of Guangxi and children in Syria play on discarded war munitions

                        The Week in Photos
                      • A swarm of locusts descends on the northern region of Inner Mongolia, damaging 30,000 hectares of grassland that sheep and cow farmers depend on

                        Region of the Locusts

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                      One road leads to deflation-fighting stimulus spending, the other to digging out of stimulus-induced debt
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