BANKING 10.08.2015

Internet-Only Banks in China Not Clicking Yet

WeBank and Mybank are trying to cope with tough challenges posed by regulators, competitors and their own executives

By staff reporter Wu Hongyuran
BANKING 09.30.2015

Online Financiers Banking on China's Future

The nation's biggest banks are shifting to Internet services with confidence, but not without raising serious questions

By staff reporters Wu Hongyuran, Zhang Yuzhe and Wang Ling
BANKING 09.29.2015

ICBC's Jiang: How Bank, Tech Services Converge

The chairman of China's largest bank says online financing is the future because it meets credit and profit demands

By staff reporters Wang Shuo, Wang Ling and Zhang Yuzhe
CREDIT SCORES 09.28.2015

Alibaba Firm Riles Gov't with Promotions for Credit Score Service

Sesame Credit Management has tried to turns individual credit scores into a game, but the central bank has indicated it won't play

By staff reporters Zhang Yuzhe and Wang Ling


SCIENCE 10.08.2015

Nobel Winner's Story Highlights Flaw in How China Picks Top Academicians

Tu Youyou wins top honor for work finding antimalarial drug, and expert says her experience reveals problems with how China chooses members of top scientific academies

    BELT AND ROAD 10.08.2015

    Taikang Executive 'Picked to Set up Belt and Road Fund'

    Duan Shiguo assigned to lay groundwork for 300 billion yuan fund because he is highly regarded for investment acumen, source says

      RAILROAD 10.08.2015

      CRC Said to Start Planning for Bullet Train Project in Indonesia

      Indonesian officials chose Chinese plan over Japanese version for financing reasons, CRC executive says

        CAIXIN CHINA PMI 10.01.2015

        More Manufacturing Shrinkage, Says China PMI

        Weak orders from overseas customers contributed to another sluggish month for factory activity in China

          CAIXIN CHINA PMI 10.01.2015

          China PMI: Marginal Growth for Services Sector

          The services sector grew and added jobs in September, but not enough to offset manufacturing sector slippage

            MEDIA 09.30.2015

            Sino-U.S. Ties Are Sound, Murdoch Says, but America Must Adjust

            The United States will have to make room for the rising power, says News Corp. boss, who also discusses the changes brought to the world by new technology and social media

              TELECOMS 09.30.2015

              Telecoms Firms Announce Data Rollover Will Start in October

              Big Three subscribers will automatically have unused data carry over to next month, a change one analyst says was the result of a State Council order

                CORRUPTION 09.29.2015

                Third Official at Aviation Body Said to Become Target of Graft Inquiry

                Xu Dong, who heads a union that includes air traffic controllers, has not been to work since early August, when a bribery investigation apparently started

                  SUBSIDIES 09.29.2015

                  China Dismisses U.S. Criticism of Its Cotton Subsidies

                  China argues its financial support to farmers is less than what WTO allows, document from trade body says

                    BROADCASTING 09.28.2015

                    Media Company Said to Bid 8 Bln Yuan for Soccer Broadcasts

                    Price tag for five year-deal to produce China Super League games was shocking, source says, considering the figure for this year was 80 million yuan

                      AVIATION 09.28.2015

                      Ban on Charter Flights 'Likely to Be Lifted for Two NBA Teams'

                      Punishment on Bao'an airport for flight delays earlier this year likely won't apply when professional U.S. basketball teams arrive in October

                        • A bus carrying mostly migrant workers fell off a bridge in eastern China on October 6, killing seven people and injuring more than 30

                          Holiday Bus Crash
                        • Police in Anyang, in the central province of Henan, hold an event to return stolen money and property worth a total of 37 million yuan to crime victims

                          Payback Time
                        • A typhoon kills three people in Taiwan, and brings strong wind and heavy rain to coastal areas of the mainland

                          Typhoon Dujuan
                        • Syrian refugees are stopped at the Turkey-Greece border, Indonesian fires cause air pollution in Singapore and an endangered dolphin is found dead on a beach in Shenzhen

                          The Week in Photos
                        • A poor, mostly rural county in Zhangjiakou, one of the two cities hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, shows the first signs it is being transformed

                          Making Way
                        • Money laundering suspect Kuang Wanfang, who fled to the United States 14 years ago, returns to China on September 24

                          Sky Netted
                        • An art school in the central city of Zhengzhou transforms 11 old train cars into dormitories for its teachers and students

                          Moving In

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