STEEL 05.26.2015

Rescue in the Works for Indebted Sinosteel

After months of talks with creditors, steel mill supplier may be ready to restructure and end its financial crisis

By staff reporter Wu Hongyuran
COMMENTARY 05.22.2015

The Big VIE Question

Many entrepreneurs wonder whether the time has come to undo their firms' VIE structures. It's a good question, but what comes next?

By Wang Ran

Residents of Beijing Community Renew Protest against Waste Incineration Plant

Locals voiced their opposition to a facility in Asuwei area back in 2009, and news that building plans were moving forward spurred them to demonstrate again

By staff reporter Kong Lingyu
DEBT SWAP 05.21.2015

China Unleashes Bonds to Tackle Local Debt

A bond program that takes aim at China's local government debt problem could raise 1 trillion yuan, yet cut creditor yields

By staff reporters Zhang Yuzhe, Huo Kan and Xing Yun


ELDERLY CARE 05.27.2015

Nursing Home Fire Exposes Struggles of Elderly People in Rural Areas

Type of facility where 38 elderly people died caters to the poor whose children often live in far-off cities where they work

    HEALTH CARE 05.27.2015

    Closer Look: How a Glass Door Stops Growth of Private Hospitals

    The central government supports the development of private medical care, but local officials have several prescriptions for stymieing change

      PROPERTY 05.27.2015

      Shenzhen Property Market Sees Signs of Strong Rebound

      Buyers ignore heavy rain to snap up apartments that just hit the market, one of the indications that easing by the central government is taking effect

        AGRICULTURE 05.26.2015

        Gov't Switches Subsidy Focus from Small Farmers to Major Growers

        China will award more funds to agricultural enterprises and cut amounts available to mom-and-pop cultivators

          RQFII 05.26.2015

          China Gives Chile's Institutional Investors 50 Bln Yuan Quota

          Program that lets foreigners invest yuan holdings in Chinese stocks and bonds surpasses 1 trillion yuan with first Latin American member

            BANKING 05.25.2015

            Banks Face Obstacles to Using Biometric Data for ID Purposes

            Central bank official says technology must be mature and regulations changed before public will be allowed to open accounts using facial-recognition technology

              MIGRANT WORKERS 05.25.2015

              Graphics: Migrant March Slows

              China's pool of migrant workers coming from rural areas to find jobs in cities is growing, but slower than in the past, a new official report shows

                TAXI APPS 05.25.2015

                Views: Worth the Ride?

                Caixin spoke to a Beijinger making extra money by providing Uber-like car service and a local who often travels this way to get their take on car-hire apps

                  REFORM 05.22.2015

                  Party's 'United Front' Meeting Said to Be Aimed at Earning Reform Support

                  As reforms stall and economy slows, party meets to discuss ways it can work with non-members inside and outside the country

                    PUBLIC HEALTH 05.22.2015

                    Cloud of Smoke: Capital's Smokers Burn 14 Cigarettes a Day

                    Beijing has 4 million people with the habit, survey finds, and in a few days they face a ban on lighting up public indoor areas

                      SHARES 05.21.2015

                      Solar Panel Maker Suffering HK Share Sell-Off 'Failed to Repay Loans'

                      Hanergy Holding Group used shares in listed unit to take out bank loans it has been unable to repay, sources close to company say

                        • A man convicted of murdering a doctor he said cheated him on his nose surgery is executed in the coastal province of Zhejiang

                          Put to Death
                        • Two preschoolers die when a crowded minibus goes off the road and into a pond in the southwestern region of Guangxi

                          Minibus Plunge
                        • Waterlogged streets in southwest China, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Shanghai and scuttled fishing boats in Indonesia

                          The Week in Photos
                        • A town in the coastal province of Fujian has become home to more than 140 Vietnamese women who have come to China through matchmaking services

                          Vietnamese Brides
                        • Parents try to get places for their children in a Beijing kindergarten by lining up outside its gates five days ahead of registration

                          The Waiting Game
                        • Heavy rains cause flooding around the city of Ganzhou, in the eastern province of Jiangxi, killing seven people

                          High Water Everywhere
                        • Monks in Shanghai pay for heaters costing thousands of yuan with 716 kilograms of small change, which takes the store and its bank 13 hours to count

                          Counting Coins

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