POVERTY 09.23.2016

Mother's Killing Her 4 Children Reveals Cracks in Anti-Poverty Drive

Corruption, red tape has led to most vulnerable citizens receiving little help

By Xiao Hui, Huang Ziyi, Huang Shulun and Li Rongde
INDUSTRY 09.22.2016

Baosteel-WISCO Merger Marks Beginning of Steel Industry Transformation

National government shows determination to reduce capacity despite complications

By Fan Ruohong, Yu Ning and Han Wei
RETAIL 09.21.2016

Government Tightens Rules on Unruly Baby-Formula Market

Manufacturers to be required to register products, limit number of offerings

By Chen Na, Liang Ruiyao and Li Yan
COMMODITIES 09.20.2016

Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Gets Court OK to Liquidate

Regional company becomes first SOE to collapse after defaulting in interbank bond market

By Zhang Yu, Huang Kaixi and Chen Na


IPO 09.23.2016

Xinhuanet.com Gets Green Light for IPO

Website of state news agency seeks to raise $223 million

    FRAUD 09.23.2016

    Forged Document Used in Soccer Team Purchase, Bank Says

    Paperwork promises Bank of Dongguan's 'necessary help' with deal if necessary

      POVERTY 09.23.2016

      Government Plans Massive Relocation to Fight Poverty

      Nearly 16 million from impoverished areas will be affected by 2020, but over 60 percent are not poor

        TRADE 09.23.2016

        Foreign Companies Still Trying to Break Into China's Investment Funds Market

        Pilot program hits roadblocks as candidate companies resist relocation demands, demand fewer restrictions on license holder's location

          SPORTS 09.23.2016

          Yao Ming Appointed to Post in New Basketball Company

          NBA Hall of Famer has not said whether he will accept post of deputy chairman on government-led CBA management group

            STEEL 09.23.2016

            Dongbei Special Steel Group Forced Into Bankruptcy

            Liaoning government is demanding plan be implemented within weeks

              FINANCE 09.23.2016

              Government Clamps Down on Bogus Overseas Investments

              Overseas deals to get stronger look based on 2008 regulation

                DEBT 09.23.2016

                Top Court Bans Defaulters from Bidding on Public Projects

                Ruling is latest move to rein in deadbeats after restricting travel, pushing them out of top positions

                  SOCIETY 09.22.2016

                  Study Finds Disabled Students Unwelcome in Mainstream Chinese Schools

                  2 of 3 parents surveyed by NGO say they would be worried if their children were studying alongside special-needs peers

                    CURRENCY 09.22.2016

                    IMF Official Expects Yuan to Increase SDR Interest Rate

                    Finance Department head says change likely because of RMB's upcoming addition to reserve asset's four-currency basket

                      TECHNOLOGY 09.22.2016

                      WeChat Tests Feature Allowing Mobile Services Without Apps

                      Company invites businesses to apply to try 'Little Program,' which experts say may challenge app stores' dominance

                        RAT TRADING 09.22.2016

                        Alleged 'Rat Trader' Surrenders in Shanghai

                        Suspect believed to have engaged in insider trading at insurance asset firm

                          POPULATION 09.22.2016

                          Yichang Government Encourages Civil Servants, Party Members to Have Second Children

                          City in Hubei province to offer free fertility checks, longer maternal leave in bid to boost birthrate

                            FINANCE 09.21.2016

                            Investor Takes China's Securities Regulator to Courts

                            Xu Caiyuan sues CSRC for failing to explain how billions of yuan in state funds were spent to shore up the stock market

                              JUDICIARY 09.21.2016

                              Courts to Accept WeChat Posts as Evidence in Criminal Cases

                              New guidelines allow police, courts to comb through social media archives of suspects beginning next month

                                • Visiting leaders at the G20 summit were greeted with stunning cultural performances on Sept. 4 after a heavy agenda of discussions that lasted all day

                                  G20 Gala
                                • The government is tight-lipped about a Chinese satellite that fell to Earth on Sept 1 after it was launched from an undisclosed location

                                  PHOTO OF THE DAY
                                  Fallen Satellite
                                • A pedestrian overpass near Beijing's northern Fifth Ring Road collapsed Aug. 28, but no deaths were reported

                                  Sudden Collapse
                                • Residents of Little Africa in Guangzhou say a downturn in business and widespread racism are driving them away

                                  Fading China Dream
                                • Two villages in Henan Province were covered in red mud containing toxic heavy metals after a waste pond dam collapsed

                                  Red Terror
                                • "I live-stream, therefore I am," has become the new meme of a crop of Internet celebrities in China catering to over 85 million viewers hooked on live streaming sites

                                  Web Stardom
                                • A wall built to prevent landslides near a popular segment of the Great Wall collapsed as Beijing experienced its wettest spells so far this year

                                  Washed Away

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