ENVIRONMENT 02.27.2015

Can Market Mechanisms Clear China's Bad Air?

Data on the financial risks facing listed companies with bad environmental records is seen as a new way to fight pollution

By staff reporter Cui Zheng
BANKING 02.26.2015

Minsheng Tries Weathering a Maelstrom

A new shareholder has stepped in and a president has been forced out as winds of change blow through the bank

By staff reporters Wu Hongyuran, Ling Huawei and Yu Ning
BIG DATA 02.25.2015

Guizhou's Wang Jiangping on the Big Data Buzz

In an interview, the deputy governor of Guizhou Province describes a pioneering push for big data business

By staff reporter Qin Min
PAYMENT 02.25.2015

Great Wall Stall Frustrates Apple Pay in China

Apple Inc. has not yet cleared the way for its new mobile payment service to enter China

By staff reporter Li Xiaoxiao



Graphics: Where's Your Hongbao? Online

The virtual red envelope phenomenon took off this year, as users of the WeChat and Alipay apps furiously tapped and shook their smartphones to snag a little cash

    LEGISLATURE 02.27.2015

    Activist Urges Legislature to Take Action on School Sex Assaults

    Strengthen law to stop problems plaguing country's universities and schools, Xiao Meili tells NPC deputies in letter

      AGRICULTURE 02.27.2015

      Gov't Moves on GM Crops Spur Industry's Cautious Optimism

      Approval of imports and renewing certificates for domestic produce prompt hope, but expert says public still needs more educating

        TOURISM 02.26.2015

        Tourism Tensions Have HK Mulling Limits on Visitor Numbers

        City's leader says he'll talk with central government officials about reducing number of mainlanders let across the border

          MEDIA 02.26.2015

          Gov't Orders Documentary about Gays, Lesbians Removed from Net

          Lawyer for director questions whether media watchdog overstepped its bounds in removing film about mothers of gay children from video websites

            SHIPPING 02.26.2015

            Three Private Shipping Companies Run into Financial Troubles

            Expert blames problems besetting several firms on overcapacity and weaker demand for commodities

              SPRING FESTIVAL 02.25.2015

              Views: Festival Feelings

              Two Chinese people living in Britain discuss spending China's biggest holiday away from home

                HUKOU 02.25.2015

                Closer Look: Local Officials Have Little Love for National Hukou Reform

                The central government may want to revamp the household registration system, but financial concerns mean many cities are not on board with the idea

                  TAXI APPS 02.25.2015

                  Experts Split on Whether Merger of Taxi App Firms Breaks Law

                  If this isn't a monopoly, I don't know what is, one analyst says. But researcher says tie-up may not be violation if consumers aren't hurt

                    MILITARY 02.25.2015

                    No Promotions for Fat Soldiers, Military Newspaper Warns

                    PLA Daily says body mass index will be used to make sure country's fighting men and women are staying fit

                      POPULATION 02.17.2015

                      Growth of Beijing's Population Continues to Slow, Official Data Show

                      Capital added fewer residents last year than it did a year earlier, a trend that started in 2012

                        • Many people in China used the recent weeklong Spring Festival holiday to get out of the house on trips short and long

                          Going Out
                        • Soldiers undergo cold-weather training in the frigid northeastern province of Heilongjiang

                          Cold Duty
                        • Migrant workers in China's southwest make the long trek back to their jobs by motorcycle following Spring Festival

                          Uneasy Riding
                        • The Spring Festival is celebrated not only in China, but around the world, with parades, performances and promotions held in major cities from Tokyo to Washington to Paris

                          Holiday Cheer
                        • Spring Festival travel, a car crash at the U.S. consulate in Shanghai and unsold flowers in Guangdong

                          The Week in Photos
                        • Migrant workers vow to walk home for the Spring Festival holiday because they were not paid by their employer

                          Long Walk Home

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                        Booting Up Internet Banking
                        Cyberspace borrowing is coming of age thanks to financial reforms and the arrival of online-only WeBank and ZBIC
                        Issue 86

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