DEBT 10.28.2016

China Confronts Danger of Large Debts With Broad Restructuring

Multipronged approach to crisis includes bankruptcies, mergers and debt conversion; may also lead to financial markets overhaul

By Wu Hongyuran, Zhang Yuzhe and Han Wei
PERSONNEL 10.28.2016

Stock Market Supervisor Slowly Fills Job Slots

High-level personnel shakeup at the China Securities Regulatory Commission continues in the shadow of new staff-policing unit

By Liu Caiping and Han Wei

New Regulations Target Bad Loans of 'Zombie Enterprises'

Government orders indebted companies with no meaningful operations to go bankrupt quickly; banks told to write off borrowers' debts

By Wu Hongyuran and Wang Yuqian
INVESTING 10.27.2016

Closer Look: Future Looks Brighter for Insurance Companies' Third-Party Asset Managers

External clients become important income source, but regulatory-related challenges loom

By Ding Feng and Dong Tongjian


SOLAR ENERGY10.28.2016

Solar Firm's White Knight Faces Wary Bond Creditors

A firm headed by wealthy businessman Peng Xiaofeng, who's no stranger to bankruptcy, wants to bail out Baoding Tianwei

    STOCK MARKET10.28.2016

    Xinhuanet Shares Suspended, Frozen After Surging In Debut on Shanghai Exchange

    Official news agency website sees stock price spike 44% to 39.87 yuan


      Government-Microsoft Deal Could Hamper Development of Homegrown Operating Systems, Academic Warns

      Comments at tech summit come month after SOE starts work with American tech giant on an OS for Chinese government


        Mastermind of Gang that Sold Beijing Hukou Documents Imprisoned for Three Years

        Group's 16 members, all working for large SOEs or high-tech firms, earned millions of yuan selling residency permits


          Accusations of Plagiarism Rock China's Academia

          Rampant use of ghostwriters undermines China's international credibility in medical science, experts say


            China's Debt-to-Equity Push Triggers Concern

            Experts say social capital participation in swaps may shift debt, unacceptable risk to private investors


              Public-Private Partnerships May Have Added to Debt Overhang

              Finance Ministry probes borrowing by SOEs and local governments for PPP infrastructure projects


                Government-Backed Investment Funds to Help With Deleveraging

                Experts question whether these funds can truly carry out market-oriented resolution of the debt crisis


                  Bankruptcy Becomes Option in Addressing Debt Crisis

                  Defaulting companies begin to test 2007 bankruptcy law after State Council issues first policy statement, but creditors complain of unfair treatment


                    Closer Look: China's Debt Crisis Has Similarities to 1998 Situation

                    Challenges include multiple roles for government, and pricing of assets without a market-clearing mechanism


                      China to Conduct Second National Pollution Survey

                      Report will help country fulfill pledge to curb emission growth by 2030

                        REAL ESTATE10.27.2016

                        Li Ka-shing Sells Shanghai Commercial Complex for 20 Billion Yuan

                        Century Link deal latest of China divestments by Hong Kong billionaire investor


                          Record Number of Applicants in China Vie for 'Iron Rice Bowl' Jobs

                          Nearly 10,000 job-seekers apply for receptionist post as government agencies tighten requirements amid ongoing anti-corruption drive


                            Chinese State-Owned Shipping Company Declared Bankrupt

                            Zhejiang Ocean Shipping liquidated after struggling to repay debts of 8.45 billion yuan

                              • Visiting leaders at the G20 summit were greeted with stunning cultural performances on Sept. 4 after a heavy agenda of discussions that lasted all day

                                G20 Gala
                              • The government is tight-lipped about a Chinese satellite that fell to Earth on Sept 1 after it was launched from an undisclosed location

                                PHOTO OF THE DAY
                                Fallen Satellite
                              • A pedestrian overpass near Beijing's northern Fifth Ring Road collapsed Aug. 28, but no deaths were reported

                                Sudden Collapse
                              • Residents of Little Africa in Guangzhou say a downturn in business and widespread racism are driving them away

                                Fading China Dream
                              • Two villages in Henan Province were covered in red mud containing toxic heavy metals after a waste pond dam collapsed

                                Red Terror
                              • "I live-stream, therefore I am," has become the new meme of a crop of Internet celebrities in China catering to over 85 million viewers hooked on live streaming sites

                                Web Stardom
                              • A wall built to prevent landslides near a popular segment of the Great Wall collapsed as Beijing experienced its wettest spells so far this year

                                Washed Away

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                              Caixin Editorial

                              Transparency, Better Institutions Needed to Push Anti-Corruption Drive Forward

                              Daring exposé will enhance credibility of graft-busting campaign, but authorities must promote rule of law and institution-building to nip problem in the bud


                              • Oppo Usurps Huawei As China’s Top Smartphone Brand
                              • Jiangsu to Establish a Second Local Asset Management Company
                              • China Telecom Reports Net Profit of 17.5 Billion Yuan ($2.58 Billion) for First 9 Months of 2016, Up 7.2% Over Last Year
                              • China’s 6th Plenary Session Ends with Approval of Party Disciplinary and Anti-Corruption Measures
                              • Offshore Yuan Hits 6.79 Against U.S. Dollar, Weakest Since 2010
                              • Iron and Steel Profits Surge, Exceeding Market Expectations
                              • New Regulation Urges Banks to Write Off Loans to Bankrupt Zombie Borrowers
                              • 23 Chinese Province-Level Regions Beat National GDP Growth
                              • Lottery-Ticket Sales Rise 10.3% Year-On-Year in September
                              • Syngenta Says EU Review of $43 Billion Deal with ChemChina to be Completed in Q1 2017