Caixin OnlineOpinionMagazine ColumnistMark Clifford Like Adenauer, Striking While the Iron's Hot
10.12.2010 18:18

Like Adenauer, Striking While the Iron's Hot

German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer's postwar decade holds several lessons for today's China, namely – the decision to revalue its currency
By Mark Clifford

Prime Minister Wen Jiabao's recent lightning summit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel marks a good time to consider what lessons Germany might hold for China. Whether it's currency tensions, trade surpluses or security concerns – and perhaps even reunification – postwar Germany holds fascinating and sobering parallels for China.

There are some obvious similarities. Germany dominates Europe. It is geographically at the heart of Europe. There can be no peace, no prosperity and no security in Europe without Germany.

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