Caixin OnlineOpinionEditorial At Last, a Magic Moment for Political Reform
10.22.2010 15:28

At Last, a Magic Moment for Political Reform

Premier Wen Jiabao is leading, and the nation should follow, timely calls for political system adjustment
Century Weekly Editorial

Calls for political reform are gathering steam. Premier Wen Jiabao spoke in detail on the topic during a CNN interview October 3. Two weeks later, the Asian edition of Time magazine put Wen on its cover and ran excerpts from the interview, stirring public opinions at home and abroad.

Wen said that nothing could stand in the way of the yearnings for democracy and freedom among Chinese people. He pledged to continue pushing for reform, despite controversy and resistance. "I will not fall in spite of the strong wind and harsh rain, and I will not yield until the last day of my life," said Wen.

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