Caixin OnlineOpinionEditorial Toxic Consequences for China's Cadmium Rice
02.24.2011 13:53

Toxic Consequences for China's Cadmium Rice

It's wrong to shrug off reports of heavy metals in China's rice and right to address the core causes of tainted soil
A Century Weekly editorial

A recent Century Weekly cover story describing the heavy metals contaminating rice in China aroused strong reactions at home and abroad. Readers expressed anger and concern, while many voiced hope for quick action to protect people as well as this crucial staple.

Too many, however, shrugged off the report. They may not have disputed the findings, but felt nothing could be done.

The hazardous pollution flowing through the rice paddies can't be detected visually / Photo by Niu Guang

Some shruggers argued there was no news in the finding that at least 10 percent of the rice grown on mainland farms contains excessive amounts of cadmium. Contamination is so widespread, they said, that any remedial effort would be futile. So why bother?

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