03.10.2011 18:44

Lianghui Quotes 2011-3-10

Budgetary planning for the health care system; Investment in national water management; Health care reform at the county-level; Contributions of non-state-owned enterprises
By staff reporters He Xin and Maggie Yu

·In 2010, the budget for primary health care institutions was 63.2 billion yuan when only 69.4 percent of the budget was spent. The money spent represented 94 percent of 2009's expenditures. Budgetary planning needs to account for the entire health care system and should be managed better."

Chen Zhu, China's Minister of Health

·In the No. 1 Central Document of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council this year, investment in water resources will double in 2020 based on the figure of 2010. This means that 4 trillion yuan will be invested into water conservation construction with financing from various sources, including ten percent of annual revenues coming from land transactions, water resource charges and funds for water conservation construction."

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