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11.04.2011 18:09

Professors Get on Their Knees to Protest Company

Dozens of professors knelt in front of government offices November 1 in Hubei Province, demanding that officials move a nearby steel processing plant elsewhere
By intern reporter Wang Qingfeng

In centuries past, scholars commanded the utmost respect in Chinese society, and would almost never get on their knees for anyone.

Today, university professors are similarly revered—which is why photos of dozens of kneeling academics protesting a steel plant have sparked considerable controversy and rallied the public to their cause.

Holding banners saying "Strictly Punish the Company" "Health is a Constitutional Right" and "Tolerating the Steel Company is a Crime against the People," over a dozen Yangtze University professors got on their knees in front of government buildings in Hubei's Jingzhou district, demanding that a steel factory around their campus move elsewhere.

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