Caixin OnlineEnvironment Blowing Smoke in Waste Incineration
12.07.2011 21:00

Blowing Smoke in Waste Incineration

After losing the first round of the legal battle, Xie Yong has now pushed his son's battle against a local waste incinerator to an appeals court
By staff reporter Wang Xiaoqing

In bursts of public demonstrations, fears toward the harmful effects of waste incinerators tend to recurrently rise and then dissipate.

But evidence is building on the severe effects that a high concentration of cancer-causing dioxins can have on human health, and some are taking their grievances from the streets to the courts. China's first case launched against a waste incineration company is still alive in the courts, but legal experts say that with the government's current stance on civil litigation, the case may remain in limbo.

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