Caixin OnlineOpinionCommentaries CIC Vice Chairman:Obstacles to Overseas Investment
01.16.2012 17:07

CIC Vice Chairman:Obstacles to Overseas Investment

China has been involved with making acquisitions abroad for only a short time, but despite several challenges, there are huge opportunities that should be seized
By Gao Xiqing

Chinese overseas investment has grown from zero before reform and opening-up in the late 1970s into a behemoth today. It is projected that the total will reach US$500 billion during the 12th Five-Year Plan, which covers 2011 through 2015. Chinese companies are an emerging force on the stage of international investments. Due to the immensity of the country's foreign exchange reserve and its fervent expansion of overseas investments, Chinese investors have had the world's attention since the financial crisis of 2008. While the movement has gone quite well so far, we still faced many challenges, some external and some internal.

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