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03.12.2012 21:29

Article 73 Sparks Controversy on Secret Detentions

Part of the recently-adopted measures for China's criminal procedure law, legal scholars say a new amendment legalizes the use of secret detentions
Compiled by Caixin staff

(Beijing) – China's legislature recently approved sweeping amendments to its criminal procedure law, despite criticism from legal scholars that maintain parts of the revisions serve to codify the abuse of prisoners under secret detention.

The draft law, which includes 99 items, covers human rights protections, standards for witness testimony and evidence-gathering. The law was approved by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on March 10, with 168 votes in favor, one abstention and one dissenting vote. Another vote by the National People's Congress is scheduled to be held on March 14 and the law is expected to be implemented in 2013.

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