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09.13.2012 19:47

Long Road for Labor Camp Prisoners Seeking Pardons

The granting of pardons and sentence reprieves for inmates in China's labor camp system can be a difficult and often arbitrary process
By intern reporter Li Liang

(Beijing) – Locked away without a trial for public speech on online forums and blogs, local courts in China have announced sentence pardons for inmates – but in many instances, long after an appeal has been filed.

On September 10, the Chongqing Municipal Reeducation Through Labor Committee pardoned a man's labor camp sentence two years after he filed the initial appeal. Peng Hong was sentenced to two years in a labor camp for forwarding a cartoon in 2009 on the bulletin board system Tianya, China's largest online forum. The cartoon, which mocked the anti-organized crime crackdown in the municipality, depicted the arrest of the former senior justice official Wen Qiang as being backed by the former mayor of Chongqing Wang Hongju. A drawing of an umbrella in the picture represented the shielding of organized gangs from prosecution by high-level officials.

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