Caixin OnlineOpinionCommentaries A Chinese Investment Left Twisting in the Wind
09.17.2012 18:00

A Chinese Investment Left Twisting in the Wind

A wind power company controlled by Sany executives sought an acquisition in the United States, but has ended up suing a key national security panel, a development Chinese firms should note
By John Zhang

(Beijing) – A U.S.-based company owned by senior executives of Chinese heavy equipment maker Sany Group Co. has sued a U.S. national security panel led by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for, it says, unreasonably barring the company's investment in wind farms.

Ralls Corp., a Delaware-registered company controlled by Sany vice presidents Duan Dawei and Wu Jiadong, sought to develop wind power projects in the United States. In March, the company acquired four wind farms in the U.S. state of Oregon with a combined power generation capacity of 40 million watts.

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