Caixin OnlineOpinionCommentaries 18 Reforms for the Party's 18th Congress
11.02.2012 19:02

18 Reforms for the Party's 18th Congress

The leadership handover coincides with China arriving at critical social and economic junctures. The following are suggestions for the changes it should make
By Liu Shengjun

The 18th National Party Congress will take place at a critical time, one described by the economist Wu Jinglian as "a tipping point for China's economic and social conflicts." Whether the new government will make the right decisions and whether it can restart reform will determine whether China will enjoy another decade of stable growth.

In this new phase of reform, the goal is to promote the transformation of the economic development model, which mainly indicates two changes: transition from manufacturing to innovation and transition from an investment-driven economy to one that is consumer-driven.

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