Caixin OnlineOpinionEditorial Constitution is Key Component of Reform
01.09.2013 18:46

Constitution is Key Component of Reform

Stability can only be achieved by fully implementing the 1982 document, and this should be made a mid-term goal of reform

The year 2013 marks a fresh beginning, with signs of a renewed push for reforms raising expectations. The leadership transition in the milestone year of 2012 ushered in a new political era. Over the past two months, the team led by Comminist Party general secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly signalled it would speed up reforms.

When the changeover is completed in March, a new batch of local and central government leaders will be in charge. People have high hopes that this infusion of new blood will help create a mainstream political culture that values high-minded aspirations, pragmatism and charisma, and a political model that rejects corruption and secrecy.

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