Caixin OnlinePolitics & LawUps and Downs Chen Zengxin (陈增新)
01.30.2013 15:01

Chen Zengxin (陈增新)


Local official punished for bribery

Chen Zengxin, secretary of the politics and law committee in Shanwei, Guangdong Province, has been expelled from both his administrative post and the party for severe discipline violations. He has been accused of abusing his power for personal gain and accepting bribes.
The 56-year-old politician, originally from Haifeng, Guangdong, previously served as the director of the population and family policy commission of Shanwei and the director of the city's land and natural resources bureau. Reports accusing Chen of selling public posts started to appear on Guangdong officials' desks and on the Internet in 2006. One such letter said Chen pocketed more than 30 million yuan, and was involved in drug trafficking and organized crime.

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