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04.02.2013 18:24

A Day in the Life of a Beijing 'Black Guard'

A Henan native collected his pay and quit his job stopping petitioners from airing their grievances in Beijing. Then he told Caixin how he went about his work
By staff reporters Lan Fang and Ren Zhongyuan

(Beijing) – After receiving his wages late, a 30-year-old we'll call Wang Jie decided to change professions.

On March 7, he pressed a fingerprint onto a receipt that read: "Today I have received settlement of the 12,000 yuan in wages owed to me by Mr. Shao."

"Actually it was short by over 1,000 yuan," said Wang, flipping through a notepad in which he recorded details of more than 40 trips he made between Beijing and Guangdong Province, including dates, addresses and reimbursement figures.

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