Caixin OnlineOpinionCommentaries Behind the Screen on Alibaba's Stake in Weibo
05.03.2013 17:46

Behind the Screen on Alibaba's Stake in Weibo

Will Alibaba's purchase allow the company to mobilize in the mobile Internet sector?
By Xin Haiguang

Alibaba Group's US$ 586 million investment in Sina Corp.'s twitter-like Weibo service made waves across China's Internet industry recently. The deal is the largest ever of its kind among Internet companies in China.

In the short run, the deal is good news for both Alibaba and Sina Weibo. First, it offers a sound valuation of Sina's Weibo unit, at around US$ 3.3 billion. The valuation was lower than the US$ 5 billion offer made by DST Global in 2011, but is still reasonable considering the US$ 3.7 billion market value of

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