Caixin OnlineOpinionCommentaries The Wealth Gap: Identifying the Problems, Proposing Reforms
09.24.2013 19:44

The Wealth Gap: Identifying the Problems, Proposing Reforms

A fairer society is attainable is the current role of the government is better understood and steps are taken on a range of issues
By Wang Xiaolu

Improving China's income distribution cannot be accomplished by relying solely on adjustments to wages and the personal income tax. It needs a comprehensive plan.

In recent years, the government has adopted a number of policies to assist society's vulnerable groups, accelerating income growth for low-income residents, and narrowing the gap between high- and low-income earners. This is a good sign. But due to a number of systematic issues that have not been resolved, the income distribution landscape remains chaotic, and the absolute income distribution gap continues to grow. The resulting Gini coefficient for urban residents has entered a dangerous range. This is a very serious challenge for social justice, stability and economic development in China.

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