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10.22.2013 18:41

Picture of Pollution

Air quality in the region around the capital during the third quarter was generally quite poor, a government report says
Compiled by Caixin

The region comprising Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province suffered heavy air pollution during the third quarter, a report issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection on October 22 says.

The report (Chinese version) is based on data from 74 cities around the nation. Of the 10 cities with the worst pollution in September, seven were in Hebei. Shanghai was among the 10 cities with best air quality last month.

Three regions were compared in the report: the Jingjinji region comprising Beijing, Tianjin and Heibei; the Yangtze River Delta region with its 25 cities; and the Pearl River Delta region with its nine cities. In Jingjinji, some 63 percent of days during the third quarter had air quality that fell short of the national standard. The figure for the Yangtze delta was 26.5 percent and that for the Pearl River Delta was 22.4 percent. The national standard covers 10 kinds of pollutants ranging from sulfur dioxide to particulate matter.


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