Book: Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth and Faith in the New China
Veteran journalist Evan Osnos fuses profiles of individuals in a rarefied milieu through three thematic sections
Book: China Dolls
In Lisa See's China Dolls, the lives of three young Chinese-American women are set in the lush world of 1930s San Francisco
Connecting to the World
U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace's utopian vision was arguably the central wellspring of the country's internationalist engagement with China
Courage to Liberty
The flaunting of cynicism speaks of a culture in which authoritarian tactics have put a sense of morality on the verge of extinction
Book: Running Through Beijing
The capital city is put under a microscope in Jiangsu-born writer Xu Zechen's novel about an aimless ex-convict
Exhibition: A Parallel Tale
Comics works by artists from Taipei and Hong Kong illustrate densely layered mediation on the social histories of the two cities
The Lost Soldier of Myitkyina
A soldier stuck in Myanmar in the aftermath of World War II, a journalist armed with knowledge of how to find his family and the return to China that brought peace of mind
Night in Shanghai
Nicole Mones tells the story of a black jazz musician in unbridled Shanghai just before the Second World War
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