Liem Sioe Liong's Salim Group: The Business Pillar of Suharto's Indonesia
As well as being a book about Indonesian tycoon Liem Sioe Long, this book traces the waves of change in attitudes towards the country's Chinese community
Paint by Numbers: China's Art Factory from Mao to Now
Author Claire Van den Heever captures the spontaneity, sincerity and idealism of the first Chinese art movements as well as how the market entered unannounced to steal the show
The Soft Edge of Cut Paper
The age-old folk art of paper-cutting is undergoing a reinterpretation ranging from elaborate designs to simple, hand rendered silhouettes
The Sino-Russian Challenge to the World Order
Gilbert Rozman takes the pulse of contemporary relations between Russia and China, offering an analysis rooted in national identity studies
Kalidasa for the 21st Century Reader: Selected Poetry and Drama
Ambitious translation of classical Indian poet from Sanskrit matches meaning to lyrical contemporary language
Views: Festival Feelings
Two Chinese people living in Britain discuss spending China's biggest holiday away from home
The Glamorous Mr. Chow: "Tell Them, the Phoenix is Rising"
Returning in a decisive homecoming with his first solo exhibition in China, artist Michael Chow discusses the origins of his wild wanderings in the New York and London art scenes
Dams and Development in China: The Moral Economy of Water and Power
Author Bryan Tilt offers engaging look at the costs and benefits of hydroelectric power using two areas of Southwest China as case studies
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