This is How it Really Sounds
Stuart Archer Cohen offers a sharp treatment of a New York financier seeking to start life anew in China and the travails of an aging rock star in Shanghai
England's Yellow Peril
Anne Witchard lays bare the history of cultural stereotypes associated with the Chinese by the British leading back to the First World War
A Search for Common Ground
In the vast garbage-strewn landscapes of the countryside, open burning and littering remain the standard solid waste management practices
A Sense of Belonging
Huang Qingjun's latest photography series centers on the satisfaction of material needs and notions of personal ownership under a changing economic substructure
Chander and Sudha
This gentle drama about a university student in Allahabad in the 1940s delicately touches on the nature of romantic love
Hong Kong Policeman
Former English police inspector Chris Emmet offers candid depictions of his work as an officer in Hong Kong
Strangled by Ivy
Instead of looking to elite schools for social cache, applicants in China would be better served by focusing on the role of education as a system of knowledge enrichment
Bi Feiyu's latest novel Massage tells the story of how the blind but skilled may or may not be reaping the fruits of China's economic development
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