On Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four
The prescient novel offers a look at the power of distortion under the totalitarian state and the politics of truth
Sleeping on Jupiter
A gripping novel centered on the trauma of child abuse and rape in India draws readers into the complexities of a personal journey for uneasy peace
No Direction Rome
A character-driven travel novel follows an Indian expat in Rome struggling with his aimlessness
With the People in Mind
A series of exhibitions on 19th century Russian and Polish art offers an examination into the sometimes convoluted and chaotic shared histories of the post-Communist countries
The Annotated Malay Archipelago
Sprawling survey by Victorian English naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace offers kaleidoscopic view on regional flora and fauna
The Book of Gold Leaves
Complex characterizations, deft plotting and collisions of culture mark this excellent second novel by Mirza Waheed
A Burmese Heart
In an excerpt from this recently released novel, Yangon-born writer Tinsa Maw-Naing recalls the exile of her husband BoYan Naing in 1965
Hunters in the Dark
A British schoolteacher trades in his last savings for an adventure through Cambodia that finally gives him more high-stakes intrigue than he could ever ask for
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