The Lost Soldier of Myitkyina
A soldier stuck in Myanmar in the aftermath of World War II, a journalist armed with knowledge of how to find his family and the return to China that brought peace of mind
Night in Shanghai
Nicole Mones tells the story of a black jazz musician in unbridled Shanghai just before the Second World War
Beloved Strangers
Maria Chaudhuri's memoir offers a subtle tale of an identity in flux through her chronicles of a childhood spent in Bangladesh to her life in Hong Kong
The Iron Auntie
Peng Gang was one of the first women to become a People's Liberation Army general and was widely recognized as driving force in fighting corruption
Film: How to Describe a Cloud
Emotional compromises brought on by care for an ailing mother make for a complex relationship drama in feature film by David Verbeek
Book: China's Second Continent
Writer Howard French finds plenty of evidence that Beijing's aid money, its funding for infrastructure and its trade links are making a difference
Fragrant Poetry
The city of Hong Kong sculpts its inhabitants through a linguistic landscape filled with mispronunciations, mistranslations and misappropriations all adding richness to the emulsion, writes poet David McKirdy
Grand Kabuki
The schism in public perceptions between Chinese and Japanese historical narratives is partly the result of revisionist understandings from both sides
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