Why 'gentleman' matters
The Chinese government often says it wants to build up its soft power, but for this to happen it may have to embrace its heritage and adopt a gentler approach
Exhibition: Body Loud
Ryan McGinley's images depict a vital bloom of youth culture hovering between fantasy and reality
Book: Back from the Dead
He Jiahong presents the true story of a well-known wrongful conviction case, offering a suspense-filled journey into the criminal justice system
Music Review: '3'
Album '3' continues on Carsick Cars' run as one of China's most distinctive indie rock bands
Movie Review: American Dreams in China
Coming of age story about three young men in Beijing with a dream to start a chain of English-language schools
Who's Afraid of Patriotism?
Patriotism may be sweet and fitting when it fosters a sense of shared interests but extreme patriotism – the kind that leads to hostility for other countries – is morally unacceptable
Exhibition: Subversive Undertones
Jesse McLin's dynamic compositions form edges which push against each other
Movie Review: Horseplay
Tony Leung plays a slickster baddie in comedy heist set in Prague and London
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