The Game of 100 Ghosts
Toronto poet Terry Watada cogently synthesizes Japanese ghost-telling traditions with unconventional narrative structure
The Defections
Barriers to group identity are explored with literary skill in this story of a young biracial woman in South Korea
Spoonful of Sugar
Photographer Zhu Yinghao's series on Cuba turns viewers toward a sense of the oddly familiar, through images paired with nostalgia as a careful rendering of a recent past in China
On the Well-Chosen Word
Critics of simplified Chinese logograms continue to exalt language as a receptacle of history – but they fail to take into account the system's comprehensive etymology and evolution
The Greening of Asia
Veteran journalist Mark Clifford draws on extensive experience in region in providing definitive evaluation of companies committed to sustainable practices
China's Foreign Places
The history of over 100 colonial outposts in China which existed in varying forms from treaty ports to leased territories is explored in this thoughtful compendium
The Porcelain Thief: Searching the Middle Kingdom for Buried China
In this bold memoir, journalist and author Huang Hsu takes readers on a ride through tracing his family's history in China on a search for ancestral relics
Preparation for the Next Life
A readable if workmanlike love story centers on the aftereffects of a young man's service in Iraq and a Chinese immigrant's attempt to stitch her life together
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