Zhang Zhixin: The Woman who took on the 'Gang of Four'
The memory of a dissident voice, silenced only to be resurrected as a martyr to serve political ends, looms large 50 years after the Cultural Revolution
Cathay: Ezra Pound's re-imagination of Chinese Poetry
This slim volume, born from an accidental discovery, set the tone for modern translations of Chinese poetry into English
The Clash of Titans: A Look Back at the Sino-Indian War
This sweeping take on a defining moment in Asian history looks at the tumultuous decade leading up to the brief but devastating war in 1962 and its effect on those living on the roof of the world
The Real Drivers of China's New Culture Movement
One of the most defining cultural movements in China in the early 20th century had values that sharply differed from western liberal thought
Emerging From The Cocoon: Literary Culture in Myanmar
This sweeping take on Myanmar's vibrant literary culture looks at how long suppressed art forms are emerging from the shadows of the military junta, after the recent historic elections
China 1945: Mao's Revolution and America's Fateful Choice
Time magazine's first Beijing bureau chief reveals why experienced China hands in the United States fell for Mao's charm offensive in the 50s and for years believed in the Communist propaganda fed to them
Ancient Water Town Turns In To Stage for World Theater
An emerging theater festival is breathing new life into a 1300-year-old water town, but critics say rush of tourists may clash with goal to preserve local culture
Deng Xiaoping: A Revolutionary Life
In this portrait of Deng, authors tap into Soviet archives to shed light on the elusive life of the architect of post-Mao era reforms in China
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