The Golden Lands: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam
Architect Vikram Lall chronicles the geographical developments in Buddhist architecture with energetic research into the spread of the religion accompanied by evocative photographs
To the Edge of the World: The Story of the Trans-Siberian Railway
The Trans-Siberian Railroad, running from Moscow to Vladivostok, became a crucial transport route which contributed to the development of Russia's remote eastern regions
The Yellow Pearls of China: Women with a PhD
Educated women in China face a mismatch in societal notions that hold in high esteem both education and traditional gender roles
But Always
Childhood friends in Beijing are fractiously reunited in New York for a light-switch romance
Tell Me a Beautiful World
Contemporary drama about father and daughter directed by Liu Yijun is handled with refreshing subtlety
Sounds of Distinction
Mei Lanfang, the most famous Chinese theatrical performer of the 20th century and Peking Opera idol, may be best remembered for his overseas tour of the U.S.
Johan Creten's sculptures offer a dazzling play between deliberate clumsiness and Baroque ostentation
A Chinese Dream in America
As China's sphere of cultural influence grows overseas, the country's international image may be helped by investment in education institutions
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