Views: LGBT Community's New Corporate Comrades
Chinese NGOs are looking to big business for advocacy channels, two activists tell Caixin
Life of Romain Rolland
Nobel-winning novelist and musicologist Romain Rolland extended a diverse engagement which uniquely influenced writers in the May Fourth Movement
A Bad Character
Left alone in the city of Delhi by her estranged father, a young woman named Idha falls under the spell of a nameless lover in this impressive debut novel by Deepti Kapoor
Sinophobia: Anxiety, Violence, and the Making of Mongolian Identity
Historian Franck Billé explores the swell of anti-Chinese feeling that has accompanied Mongolia's post-Soviet independence
Free Trade's First Missionary
Biography of Sir John Bowring offers compelling focus on disagreements within the colonial leadership of Hong Kong during the time of the Second Opium War
She Will Build Him a City
New Delhi journalist and novelist Raj Kamal Jha offers well-crafted episodic narrative infused with magic realism
Entropic Hypnotic
Photographer Wang Bo works through the optical ambiguities of Chongqing's landscapes in his current photography series
The Maritime Silk Road of the Manila Galleons
The commercial relationships under the trans-Pacific trade routes of the 16th to 18th centuries offer a paradigm for emerging dynamics in China's ties to the global economy
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