The Parenting Trap of Cultural Patterns
Chinese parents are seemingly always on the lookout for a smarter, more effective approach to their children's education – but will it ever mean "Tiger Mom" tactics will be tossed out?
The Architect's Apprentice
Elif Shafak offers straightforward historical saga set in 16th-century Ottoman Istanbul
Gender on the Edge: Transgender, Gay and Other Pacific Islanders
Authors explore terminology and labels of hybridized collective social psyche of Samoa
Peripheral Visions
Exhibition at New York Historical Society examines the sense of exclusion and cultural belonging as experienced by Chinese immigrants to America
Exhibition: Friedrich Kunath
With sardonic humor struck by titles of the works, Friedrich Kunath's show includes a suite of installations which are unified by a goofy yet subversive tone
Film: The Hammer and Sickle are Sleeping
In this slow burning drama, three men come to terms with China's modern set of circumstances, reacting with anti-establishment humor and violence
Needling Questions on China in Africa
Previous efforts by Chinese companies to tap the continent's medically underserved markets have failed, and there is no reason yet to believe a recent one will succeed
Black Holes
He Jiahong provides an allusive look at Chinese criminal justice system in this suspenseful crime fiction novel
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