The China Boom: Why China Will Not Rule the World
The book tackles the common misconception that China could undermine the current world order by offering an alternative model of growth and alter power relations between the East and West
One Point Two Billion
From murder in Assam to a drowning in Delhi, this collection of short stories from across India gives a sneak peek into ordinary lives with extraordinary stories
Ailing Northeast Struggles to Keep Young Talent
Low wages and a lack of jobs in emerging sectors drive skilled youth from an industrial heartland that finds itself a step behind amid an economic transformation
An Indian Poet at the Centre of Controversy Again
A translation of a book of poetry by Rabindranath Tagore has caused a kerfuffle, which is fitting because his trip to China in the 1920s did the same thing
Migration and Identity in Central Asia: The Uzbek Experience
This nuanced account of the urban-rural divide in Uzbekistan shows the challenges of reforming old policies that still remain from the cold-war period
Dragons in Diamond Village
Thousands of villages are being gobbled up by urbanization and the author goes in search of a few isolated pockets that are fighting back
How Small Screen Heroes Shape Public Debate on Social Justice
A popular Chinese historical drama has sparked an online debate on what real heroism means in China and the West
Recruit to Revolution: Political Adventures during the Indonesian Independence Struggle
This gripping memoir tells the story of the formative years of Indonesia, in the cusp of independence, through the eyes of an English adventurer
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