Remembering a Master of Kunqu Opera Four Centuries On
Considered China's greatest pre-modern playwright, Tang Xianzu's candid exposure of Ming-era corruption resonates today
King Norodom's Head
An amateur historian attempts to debunk established myths about Cambodia's twisted past and capture a bit of Phnom Penh's vanishing history
A Student Revolutionary's memoir on the Year Mao Died
The year 1976 was a turning point in China's history and for one Icelandic diplomat, it still reverberates
A Look Back at Writer Wang Xiaobo, Who Admired Wisdom, Pleasure and Sex
The author challenged collectivism and exposed its ills with a frankness and humor unusual for his time
Tales of Old Tokyo
A riveting Story of one of the World's Most Fascinating Cities
Marrow: Digging Up Dark Truths in the Chinese Countryside
A chilling and relentless tale of family responsibility and a mother's sacrifice, Marrow is satirist Yan Lianke at his best
China through Eight Imperfect Analogies
Through eight experimental analogies from Twain to Orwell, the author tries to find fresh and surprising ways to look at the Asian superpower
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Protest Music after Fukushima
This detailed study of protest music that emerged from Japan's antinuclear movement shows how art can shape a political movement
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