Backward and Forward on Socialism
The Victorian novel, News from Nowhere, offers an intellectual exploration of an ideal socialist society in which the only remedy to oppression is earth-shaking revolution
Arts Worlds: Artists, Images, and Audiences in late Nineteenth-Century Shanghai
This accessible examination into the art world of fin-de-siècle Shanghai reveals the vibrant influence of the Western-style Chinese-language newspaper Shenbao
French Concession
The repercussions of triad battles spill into the life of a young photographer in prewar Shanghai
Delivering China to the Classroom
A new BBC documentary series revs up the cultural divides among Chinese teachers and British students but fails to introduce any constructive dialogue into the settings
This little-known novel first published in 1804 tells the saga of a Ming Dynasty trading family in Guangzhou
Hasan Ali Toptaş's Reckless fuses dream sequences and dark flashbacks of a Turkish soldier's experiences on the Syrian border
Tales from a Chinese Studio
Once the center of private family life in China, the kang stove-bed is the focus of a series by photographer Gilles Sabrie
Let One Hundred Voices Speak: How the Internet is Transforming China and Changing Everything
Liz Carter explores the use of the Internet as a forum for public discourse within China and provides thought-provoking reflections on methods of control
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