Caught in Rising China's Centrifuge
The people of Hong Kong and Taiwan are being turned off by the mainland just it hits its stride, but Xi Jinping can change that
Fantasy Islands: Chinese Dreams and Ecological Fears in an Age of Climate Crisis
Julie Sze offers a detailed exploration of China’s environmental plight and creation of eco-cities
Shanghai Future: Modernity Remade
A new effort to examine contemporary Shanghai through the lens of architecture takes readers through a landscape littered with wasteful resource allocation
Mao's Winding Road to Socialism
Socialism as a universal ideal came to be endorsed by Mao Zedong only after his goal to turn Hunan Province into an independent state fell flat
Pavane for a Dead Princess
A tale of an unnamed narrator explores the dry disillusionment of modern romance in South Korea's consumer-oriented society
Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms: Journeys Into the Disappearing Religions of the Middle East
Former British diplomat examines the historical experiences of dwindling faiths from a range of sects and denominations
An Informal Education
In channeling cultural heritage, a progressive school in Hebei Province offers a multitude of lessons on being a foreign teacher in China
The Scarlet Macaw
Churning with unpredictable currents, author SP Hozy offers a generously layered murder mystery which takes place across two centuries
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